Brick & Stone Masonry

Our experienced brick and stone masons can repair or build just about anything, from a curved terrace retaining wall to massive neighborhood property walls.

JDE recently built a neighborhood retaining wall at the entrance of a gated community. The project included an 8-foot tall wall stretching for 90 feet. The result is a stunning stone wall, welcoming homeowners each time the return home and giving them peace of mind with the extra security a sturdy wall provides. Whether you need a repair or a new wall built from the ground up, we can help.

For Your Protection & Peace of Mind​
Everything we do is backed by our excellent warranties. In fact, we offer a lifetime warranty on our foundation piers.

Retaining Walls & Terraces

Many Northwest Arkansas homes and businesses are built on sloping or hillside properties. While these properties showcase the natural beauty of our Northwest Arkansas landscape, a hillside is less than ideal for many common residential and commercial needs. Any sloped terrain is restricted in usage.

A retaining wall is a carefully engineered system designed to work against gravity and is used to stabilize slopes and prevent soil or gravel from eroding or sliding downward into other areas. If it’s properly designed, one can transform an otherwise unusable area into a functional space. Planning and design of a retaining wall are essential.

If your home or business is built on sloping property, the hardscape experts at JDE Foundation can help you design a retaining wall and terrace system which greatly improve the usability of your property while adding aesthetic value.

JDE Foundations can handle retaining wall construction projects of all sizes and scopes. We also build brick or stone patios.

Brick & Stone Masonry: Craftsmanship that Stands the Test of Time

Our seasoned team of brick and stone masons possesses the skill and expertise to construct or repair a wide array of structures, from gracefully curved terrace retaining walls to imposing property walls that embrace entire neighborhoods. At JDE Foundations, our commitment to excellence is exemplified in every project we undertake.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Property

Take, for instance, our recent endeavor – the construction of a neighborhood retaining wall that graces the entrance of a gated community. This monumental project involved erecting an 8-foot tall wall spanning an impressive 90 feet. The result is a breathtaking stone wall, extending a warm welcome to homeowners as they return to their sanctuary and instilling peace of mind with the added security that a robust wall offers. Whether your needs involve a restoration or the creation of a new structure from the ground up, our team is here to serve.

Peace of Mind through Quality and Warranty

We understand that trust and assurance are paramount when you entrust us with your project. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is fortified by our robust warranties. In fact, we proudly extend a lifetime warranty on our foundation piers, a testament to the durability of our work.

Retaining Walls & Terraces: Transforming Hillsides into Functional Spaces

Many homes and businesses in Northwest Arkansas are nestled on sloping or hillside properties. While these locations celebrate the natural beauty of our region, they often present challenges for residential and commercial usage. In such terrains, a retaining wall becomes a crucial component.

A retaining wall is a meticulously engineered system that resists the relentless force of gravity. Its role is to stabilize slopes, preventing soil or gravel from cascading into other areas. With careful planning and design, a retaining wall can convert an otherwise unusable area into a functional space that not only serves your needs but also enhances the aesthetics of your property.

If your property resides on sloping land, the adept team at JDE Foundations can collaborate with you to design a retaining wall and terrace system that elevates the usability of your land while accentuating its visual appeal. We are equipped to undertake retaining wall construction projects of varying scales and complexities. Additionally, we are skilled in crafting brick or stone patios, further enhancing the charm and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

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